About Scholar Farms
Comprehensive individual, enterprise and business solutions for learning and integrating drone mapping. 
About Scholar Farms
Scholar Farms seeks to provide best-in-class training experiences for industry, government, and academic partners. The company was founded from extensive experience in academic research and teaching, as well as the commercial drone industry. Our speciality is in trainings for vegetation mapping using multispectral cameras and drones.  More recently, we have expanded into rapid disaster mapping to assist in California's wildfires.

While conducting research in the field as a PhD in Ecology and evolutionary biology (with publications in a dozen top scientific journals, including Science magazine), Dr. Gregory Crutsinger caught the drone bug, and began testing the use of UAVs in the field on projects. He became especially interested in how autonomous drone technology could enable collecting data that could impact agriculture, and how drones would allow sensors to be deployed in new and exciting ways to impact research and assessment in the field.

From there, Greg went onto the technology-side of the drone industry, helping launch programs and develop comprehensive industry solutions in-house as a program leader for academic, scientific and precision agriculture applications at powerhouse companies such as 3D Robotics, Parrot and Pix4D. He was even named a Vice.com Person of the Year in 2017 as “The Drone Engineer Helping Farms Work Smarter”.
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Greg's promotional banner from speaking at 2018's AgVocacy Forum.
Several years of working in the drone industry lead to the same recurring problems appearing in integrating drone technologies into real plant-mapping, surveying and precision agriculture workflows -- the technology existed, and the data was valuable, but the standardization of process and the education of field users on easy, repeatable best practices to acquire and use data was simple missing.

Out of this realization, Greg brought together a small team to launch Scholar Farms, to focus on bridging the gap between the current drone industry hardware and software solutions, and real life application integration in the field. Currently Scholar Farms works with companies and institutions ranging from small businesses looking to master plant mapping all the way to giant clients building in-house trainings to standardize survey protocols in the field. 

Rapid Response Disaster Mapping
Immediately following the launch of Scholar Farms, devastating wildfires began to hit California. Greg has volunteered his time as a drone data analyst for public safety drone teams mapping in the aftermath of the Tubbs, Carr, and Camp Fire. The goal of the Rapid Response Drone Data masterclass is to pass on the valuable lessons learned to other professionals.
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