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Comprehensive individual, enterprise and business solutions for learning and integrating drone mapping. 
Vegetation Mapping Masterclass
Phytomappers Pro is an online course for plant mapping using drones. The course was built by professionals for professionals, including drone service providers, agronomists, foresters, scientists, land managers, and environmental consultants. Phytomappers Pro provides a foundation in the theory behind vegetation indices, such as NDVI, and keep you on the cutting edge of rapidly-changing drone hardware and software. 
Disaster Response Masterclass
Rapid Response Drone Data is an online masterclass  to train  you and your team how to capture and process drone data quickly during an emergency or disaster. It was built to meet the growing needs of many agencies organizations that are adopting drone technology, but find it hard to achieve the data results they need during high-pressure situations such as storms, earthquakes, and wildfires. This class was built from real-world mapping experience in the aftermath of California's devastating wildfires.
See Greg Crutsinger work with Vice Motherboard to showcase drones for ecology.
About Scholar Farms
Scholar Farms seeks to provide best-in-class training experiences for industry, government, and academic partners. The company was founded from extensive experience in academic research and teaching, as well as the commercial drone industry. Our speciality is in trainings for vegetation mapping using multispectral cameras and drones. 

While conducting research in the field as a PhD in Ecology and evolutionary biology, Dr. Gregory Crutsinger caught the drone bug, and began testing the use of UAVs in the field on projects. He became especially interested in how autonomous drone technology could enable collecting data that could impact agriculture, and how drones would allow sensors to be deployed in new and exciting ways to impact research and assessment in the field.
Custom Training and Consulting
Our customers often have specific training requirements for different  applications. We understand the needs of those gathering data at scale, both in their processes in the field, and in getting usable data into analysis systems. Our custom training program works 1:1 with clients to combine our existing trainings with your specialized needs, such as content creation for custom survey protocols, custom hardware or software, and example datasets for specific application. The end product is a training program that is standardized and scalable across teams, with comprehensive documentation for continued success.  Shoot us an email to discuss your needs.
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