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We Know That Getting Started in Plant Mapping with Drones is Daunting
But we believe that whether you're new to drones, or a long-time operator,
 mastery is easy with the right tools, examples, datasets and best practices at your fingers.
Our Masterclass Contains
Over 100 Video Lessons
Comprehensive lessons on every category, so you can dive in from scratch, or pick and choose categories you need to learn.

Choose your approach
- Mix and match as needed and approach over time
- Binge and get a crash course 
- Approach as you would a college class
10+ Case Studies
We know that the best way to learn is from exploring real world use cases. 

We include case studies in specialty crops, turf grass, clear cuts and forestry, landscape architecture, grazing, ecological, citrus research, nutrient deficiencies, plant disease detection, weed estimation and more!

Complete Hardware Guides
We've optimized our course for users of all kinds of drones, and also list our recommended use cases

Overview's work with
- DJI, the 3DR Solo, the Sensefly Ebee, custom Pixhawk drones
- Standard cameras as well as multispectral cameras like the Parrot Sequoia, Micasense RedEdge, and more...
Focus Area 1: Methods
Foundations of Vegetation Mapping
Remote sensing, how plants see light, digital cameras vs multispectral cameras, understanding vegetation indices.

Overview of photogrammetry techniques, technology backgrounds and best practices for capturing imagery.  

Mission planning 
Review of the software options for tweaking mission planning parameters to capture the best imagery. Includes information for workflows using Ground Station, Tower, Pix4d Capture, EMotion Ag for eBee and Micasense Atlas. 

Focus Area 2: Tools
- Overview of color mapping
- Review of the drones that you can use with the Parrot Sequoia and Micasense Red Edge
- Parrot Sequoia deep dive
- Micasense Red Edge deep dive

Cloud Processing: Provider overview
- Review of processing options including Atlas, Pix4d, and Agribotix.   
- Best practices for uploading data
- What the results look like, and how to optimize

Processing: Pix4D deep dive 
- Which license to buy for which needs
- How to best upload data
- Workflows and parameters to get the best results

Included Extras
Case Studies
- 6 different case studies for Sequoia
- 5 case studies for Micasense

Cheat sheet
The complete guide of what to capture for clients (or capture yourself) to correctly analyze a field. Complete menu of items to pair what flights to do with (including 2d, 3d and fly-through) with the desired results.

Sample datasets 
Raw data is provided so you can work through the examples in this course from start to finish. 

Reminder: You don’t need a drone to take this class, with the raw data provided you can not just learn, but actually try real world workflows.

Sample Course Section: Pix4D Deep Dive
Sample Course Section: Sequoia
See Inside the Course
With Dr. Gregory Crutsinger 
While conducting research in the field as a PhD in ecology, Dr. Gregory Crutsinger caught the drone bug, and began testing the use of UAVs in his plant experiments. He became especially interested in how autonomous drone technology could enable collecting data that could impact agriculture, and how drones would allow sensors to be deployed in new and exciting ways to impact research and assessment in the field.

Ready for the secrets to the best mapping workflows for agriculture?
“This course provided San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee with the thread we needed to stitch our precision agriculture solution together. Using the Phytomappers Pro Masterclass by Scholar Farms, we had the necessary tools to procure equipment, fly missions, take photos, process data and finally analyze actionable results for our farmers. Armed with information gained from this course and thanks to the knowledge and expertise thoughtfully presented by Gregory Crutsinger, we can keep up to speed with the organic changes of our coffee farms as well as the exponential innovation of the drone industry.”
Toby Hackford
Precision Agriculture Drone Project Manager
San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee
"I've known and worked alongside Greg over the past few years in the drone industry. He has extensive knowledge of the commercial market and a passion for data analytics and plants. I'm really excited about the results of his efforts to build this masterclass. It's a great resource!"
Paul Spaur
Drone Technical Manager
"Greg has an extremely deep understanding of not just the technology that enables aerial data, but the practical workflows you need to get real world applicable results. He's a true master of drone mapping." 
Colin Guinn
Founder and CEO of Guinn Partners
I continue to be impressed by the professional quality of the Scholar Farms master courses. Dr. Crutsinger  is a leading expert in the UAS industry and he does a great job explaining complex topics in relatable and engaging ways. It was an obvious choice to include the Phytomappers Class as a resource for students in Sinclair’s data analytics curriculum.
Andrew Shepherd, PhD
Executive Director and Chief Scientist
Sinclair College National UAS Training and Certification Center
Who is this Masterclass for?
Drone Service Providers
Know what clients expect, how to best capture that data for them, and how to present completed mapping data. With this class you can go from having never flown for ag before through delivering perfect results for farms and commercial agriculture clients.
Commercial Agriculture
For users in organizations that are involved commercially with plants and want to adopt drone technology, we can guide existing programs to better results and help teams start from scratch and build effective processes.
Researchers & Academics
If you want to adopt drone mapping technology into your lab or course and aren’t sure where to start or how to get the best results, we present comprehensive options and documentation for a variety of use cases.

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