Rapid Response Drone Data
A Masterclass For Emergency Drone Data Analytics
  • Built For a Broad Audience: Government Agencies, Public Safety Teams, First Responders, NGOs & Volunteer Drone Pilots
  • Rapid Data Analysis:​ Learn to Capture, Process, & Visualize Drone Data Quickly
  • In-depth Training: 100+ Video Lectures, Software Tutorials, & Labs
  • Checklists & Guides: Downloadable Resources For Use In the Field
  • Read World Experiences: Lessons Learned Mapping California Wildfires
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Learn To Turn Drone Data Into Situational Awareness When It Really Counts
Whether you're new to drones, or a long-time operator,
 drone data mastery comes with the right tools, examples, datasets and best practices at your fingers.
Our Masterclass Contains
Over 100 Video Lessons
Comprehensive lessons on every category, so you can dive in from scratch, or pick and choose categories you need to learn.

Choose your approach
- Mix and match as needed and watch over time
- Binge and get a crash course 
- Approach with a method as you would a class
Wildfire Case Studies
We know that the best way to learn is from exploring real world use cases. 

After-incident debriefs: Learn from actual drone deployments in there aftermath of California wildfires.  Included in the course are hands-on walkthroughs of the tools, many lessons learned, and experimental results from field tests done on location.
Complete Resource Guides
We've optimized this course for the most common, off-the-shelf drones used by public safety teams and first responders:

Overview's work with
- DJI Phantom 4 
- DJI Mavic 2 Pro
- Recommendations for alternative platforms 
- Software recommendations
* Training Content Guaranteed - Or Your Money Back *
Focus Area 1: Methods
Preparation For Emergency Drone Data Analysis
A detailed overview of  planning for successful data capture prior to deployment, including intelligence gathering for flight coordination, defining the scope and timeline of deliverables, updating your firmware, file naming conventions, and more...

Overview of the theory behind photogrammetry, detailed training on processing software, and best practices for capturing drone imagery.  

Mission planning 
Review of the options for mission planning to capture the best imagery. Includes information for workflows using Drone Deploy, Pix4d Capture, and Map Pilot.

Focus Area 2: The Right Tools
- Overview of drones for high-resolution color mapping
- Review of the most common drones for rapid response 
- Standardizing platforms among teams
- Field operations

Image Processing: Pix4D Deep Dive
- Which license to buy for which needs
- How to best upload data and settings
- Workflows and parameters to get the best results

Cloud Processing: When Internet is Available
- Review of online processing (Pix4D Cloud and Drone Deploy)
- Data upload and sharing
- Data export and visualization

Included Extras
Cheat Sheets and Resource Guides
Checklists for preparing for data capture for a disaster. Guide for workflow and software options throughout deployment.  Full list of data deliverables from California wildfires.

Debriefs and Raw Video Blogs
A detailed guide to the workflow used in the aftermath of the Camp Fire in Paradise, California.  Included are unpublished raw video blogs from the scene allowing you to watch lessons as they are learned. You won't want to miss these tips, tricks, and improvements to the workflow.

Sample Datasets 
Raw data is provided so you can work through the examples in this course from start to finish. 

Reminder: You don’t need a drone to take this class, with the raw data provided you can not just learn, but actually try real world workflows.

Sample Course Section: Disaster Drone Data Planning
Sample Course Section: Camp Fire Debrief
Inspiration for the Course
While conducting science in the field as a PhD in ecology, Dr. Gregory Crutsinger caught the drone bug, and began testing the use of UAVs in experimental research. He made the leap from academia to the drone industry, working for some of the leading drone hardware and software companies. He founded Scholar Farms as a commercial drone training company to meet the growing demand for professional training on the data side of UAVs. 

Immediately following the launch of Scholar Farms, devastating wildfires began to hit California.  Greg has volunteered his time as a drone data analyst for public safety drone teams mapping in the aftermath of the Tubbs, Carr, and Camp Fire. The goal of the Rapid Response Drone Data masterclass is to pass on the valuable lessons learned to other professionals.

Are you ready to learn what it takes to manage drone data in an emergency or disaster?
“You can't build a public safety UAV team without thinking about the data side of the equation. Its not enough to be a great pilot. The maps and imagery also have to get to the right place. Watching Greg work both on scene during these wildfires and his followup afterward has been a big boost to our UAV program."
Deputy Sheriff Casey Tholborn
UAS Team 
Contra Contra County Sheriff's Office
"Greg has worked right alongside our team during these devastating wildfires, keeping a level head and applying his valuable skillset from industry and academia to assist the communities in California. He is one of the best out there to train on the UAV data side."
Deputy Sheriff Rick Hassna
Chief UAS Pilot 
Alameda County Sheriff’s Office
"As a volunteer drone pilot during the mapping of the Camp Fire, I watched first hand as Greg coordinated an incredible amount of data and helped condense it down for the teams and the public. More agencies need the kind of data skills that this Rapid Response class provides." 
Andrew Maximow
Chief Drone Officer
“I've been following Greg's excellent work for some years now. His direct, hands-on field experience coupled with his technical expertise, data-savviness and strong academic credentials makes him a go-to expert for many of us in the humanitarian drone space. What's more, Greg is refreshingly humble and wonderfully creative as demonstrated by his practical, hands-on problem solving attitude. I've learned heaps from him and continue to do so. Be sure to check out his new course!"
Dr. Patrick Meier
Executive Director
"...the bigger challenge is how the huge quantity of data is translated into actionable information and integrated into various GIS products, Greg Crutsinger, with Scholar Farms, was a tremendous asset coordinating these efforts between the response teams, and various agencies."
DJI Enterprise
 In 'Mapping Camp Fire With Drones'
"Dr. Greg Crutsinger is a former colleague of mine at 3DR and someone I have a ton of respect for. He has been figuring out  ways to use a combination of drone software platforms to provide a truly valuable solution for first responders and residents of the tragic fires hammering California."  
Colin Guinn
Founder and Ceo
Guinn Partners
"It  has been fantastic to have Greg as an expert resource for drone data here in the Bay Area.  Not only has he been of great help after these big wildland fires, but he has also leveraged his plant science background to assist in pre-fire vegetation management. If we can better use drone technology to prevent these devastating fires from happening in the first place...that will be huge."
Danny Green
Berkeley Fire Department
"Public safety has embraced the benefits that emerging technology like UAS can provide during disaster response and the recovery phase. Scholar Farms has built an outstanding operational template to best optimize the large amounts of data that public safety teams collect with UAS in the field. During recent wildfires here in California, I got to see how Greg organized and delivered a comprehensive package of usable information to emergency managers and the public. More teams need this skillset.

After taking Rapid Response Drone Data, I feel abundantly more prepared to respond to a disaster. This is particular relevant for us here in earthquake-prone San Francisco, where it will be crucial to know how to best collect, process, and deliver data to achieve our collective mission of effective emergency response"
 Katharine Cook
San Francisco Police Department
Dr.  Crutsinger caught my attention with the words RAPID RESPONSE DRONE DATA since is the most important aspect of any drone pilot, no matter what department you work for.  I knew very little about how to deal with drone data ahead of time. This course taught me everything I was looking for and so much more. Doing the exercises from this course by using DroneDeploy and Pix4D gave me the confidence I needed as a professional drone pilot. I didn't know this course was going to cover so many platforms out there and I am really happy I made the choice to take it. It is now my go-to material to deal with drone data. 
Joe Cruz
Command Tactical Unit Drone Pilot 
NYC Fire Department
Who is this Masterclass for?
Government Agencies & NGOs
Understand what it takes to coordinate and adopt drone data into your emergency management operations. This course covers how to best capture and process that data, as well as presenting  completed mapping data to the public. Rapid Response Drone Data  provides the fundamentals to build out your standard operating procedures from the local level on up.
Public Safety Teams & First Responders
At its core, drone technology is an information collection tool. Yet, many UAV teams focus on the hardware and not in managing the immense volumes of data produced. This class will guide you through a suite of analytics tools needed to build up the data side of an effective drone program for emergency and disaster response. 

Volunteer Drone Pilots
Emergencies and disasters require agencies and citizens to work together to assist quickly and effectively.  This  course will train you to be an emergency drone data analyst, rapidly processing and visualizing aerial information. We present comprehensive  tutorials for a variety of drone data options so you can help  when time is limited and the  information counts.

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